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Howard made always adhere to the concept of "create value, sharing" enterprise management principle, together with all partners to promote and popularize modern and future oriented commercial catering

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About Frespro

      Frespro is a professional manufacturer of catering and restaurant equipments, we provide multiple categories for modern and future oriented catering industry, including commercial ovens, cooking equipment, food holding and warming equipment, bar equipment, beverage and wine equipment, commercial refrigeration equipment, also solutions for commercial kitchens, counters and bars.

     Frespro insists on the corporate spirit of value creation and philosophy sharing, we always cooperate with our partners on the promotion and popularization of modern catering equipments, working on our mission of improving the efficiency and customer satisfaction of modern catering industries.

Germany is a professional development and production of food and beverage service equipment technology production enterprises. Provide a variety of products for modern and future catering services.


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